Meet the Characters in Rocky Mountain Sunrise: Eli


Eli hitched a brow as he slipped out of his black wool coat. “Were you expecting a tall man in a trench coat?”

Mari paused, knowing she was starting to sound like a crazy lady. “Kind of.” She gestured Eli on into the living room, and he headed for her love seat. Mari hesitated for a moment, remembering the time she and Eli had spent together on this very piece of furniture. She wasn’t sure they had been alone together in her house since they broke up. He looked perfectly relaxed, however, so she sat on the far end, which unfortunately didn’t put all that much space between them.

He tugged down on the placket of his emerald green shirt as he settled in and gave her a lop-sided smile. “Are you going to explain or just leave me guessing?”

Mari hooked a curl behind her ear. “Oh, it’s nothing. I’ve just been seeing this tall blond in a trench coat everywhere I go lately.” Her brows suddenly collided, her gaze slipping from his face. “But not in any of my classes today.” She looked back at him, confused. “He was in every one of my classes yesterday.”

Eli shifted and laid his arm along the back of the small sofa. “Maybe he was just visiting campus.” He grinned. “And following around one of the prettiest girls on campus.”

Mari blushed and tried not to feel uncomfortable with Eli’s remarks. Eli would always be a charmer. He couldn’t help himself.


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