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Colorado Book Festival

ColoBookFest FinalR

There’s an unprecedented chance to meet, learn from and engage with 75 Colorado authors – New York Times bestsellers, Pulitzer Prize winners, newspaper columnists and, not least, Colorado author-in-chief John Hickenlooper at the first Colorado Book Festival. The writers will discuss their book adventures in true crime, sports, poetry, photography, fiction, history, getting published and more. Prize drawings, too. September 10, 2016. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the main Denver Public Library. Free. Join me. The schedule can be found on the CAL website at: http://coloradoauthors.org/events/colorado-book-festival-2/

I’ll be there with books to sell! Come see me!

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The Rocky Mountain Series!

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Cover of Rocky Mountain Angels

Rocky Mountain Angels

When Mari Baker moves in next door, Benjamin Rhodes knows she’s the girl for him. Who cares if she’s ten years older than he is. She’s perfect.

When Mari Baker moves in next door, Eli Rhodes is captivated by her fiery spirit and brunette curls. Sure, she’s nothing like the singles bar hook-ups he usually entertains, but someone like her could make a man change his ways.

When Mari Baker moves in next door, Joe Rhodes is unofficially engaged to Beth Havland, so why is this little snippet of a woman getting under his skin? Yeah, she’s sweet and smart and shares his faith, but he and Beth have made plans. At least they’ve talked about making plans.

When Mari Baker moves to Colorado Springs, she’s looking for a fresh start–a new path. The first path she walks, however, is up the steps of the big Victorian house next door after she slips on the ice and throws her purse down the storm drain before she even has a chance to open the door of her new rental. The Rhodes brothers become her rescuing angels that night, and the next path that forms is the one between their house and hers.

Sept. 1-8  .99

front coverJoe Rhodes had it alla sweet, beautiful fiancée, a successful construction business, and a three story home that he and his brothers had restored to its full Victorian splendor. Then the housing market collapsed, sending his business to the brink of bankruptcy, and he had to sell the house to save the business. At least he still has Mari.

Mari Baker is just a month away from marrying the man she calls her “dazzling Joe” when she repeatedly notices a tall, mysterious stranger watching her. Could he be a stalker? Suddenly she finds herself alone with the man, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Joe isn’t sure what to believe about the guy in the trench coat. Mari certainly isn’t making any sense about it all. How can she expect him to believe such a ridiculous story? Before, he would have said he trusted her implicitly, but now he isn’t sure. It’s just too far-fetched. Maybe he has lost it all.

Mari knows she sounds crazy, but Joe just has to believe her. She can’t do this alone.

Sept. 24-30  .99

RMR_Cover frontBen Rhodes was depressed. His ex-girlfriend had betrayed him, then skipped the country.

Rhonda Holloway spent a year trying to help him–a year falling in love with him.

Ben didn’t notice.

With the help of an anti-depressant, he wakes up to the possibilities, and as he reassesses everything she’s done for him, love blooms in his heart. But Rhonda is gone on a European book tour.

And comes home engaged.

Fear wins the day as love is denied. Truth is pushed aside for the sake of integrity. Hope goes in and out with the tides of time and the words of one small boy.

One very special boy.

Meet the Characters in Rocky Mountain Redemption.

RMR_Cover front


Ben was reluctant to move his arm away from her shoulder, but he straightened and immediately felt the loss. “So, you never answered my question. How’s Paris?”

She hesitated, and Ben tried to make eye contact, but she was looking down at James. “Paris is Paris. It’s beautiful and frustrating and delicious and… and nerve wracking. It’s the most exciting and terrifying place I’ve ever lived.”

Ben gave a little snort. “Good fodder for book writing, I guess, but wild horses couldn’t drag me there.”

Rhonda looked at him out of the corner of her eye, smiling. “Well, I don’t suppose they would, Rhodes, unless they were really good swimmers.”

He bumped his shoulder into hers. “You know what I mean.”

She bumped back. “Yeah, I know. You’re very happy in your little apartment in your little town, working in your little zoo.”

Hey, wait a minute! I’m only in a little apartment, because that’s what I can afford, and while Colorado Springs doesn’t compare to Paris size-wise, it’s not exactly a village. And who wants a zoo it takes you all day to see? I think it’s the perfect size.” He dropped his voice and crooned to the baby. “Someone’s become a high and mighty, Parisian, Marcus.”


So you like it there.”

Rhonda realized that she was chewing on a nail and forced her hand to her lap. “For the most part. It’s… it’s really different. I’ve made a lot of faux pas, but I’m learning.” She nervously ran her fingers through her hair, trying to think of a safe topic. “I don’t quite have the hang of the whole cheek kissing greeting yet, and sometimes I forget to say, ‘bonjour.’” She said it with a a very proper accent and a lilt in her voice. “You know, sometimes my mood just isn’t that perky. Sometimes I just say, ‘bonjour.’” She delivered the word rather flatly. “But that’s not acceptable, you know. Store owners have been known to close up their shops and weep for a ‘bonjour’ delivered without the proper feeling.”


She lowered herself to the cool tile floor. Lying on her back, she pointed her chin toward the ceiling, pinching the bridge of her nose. There wasn’t enough room for her to stretch out completely, so she ran her feet up the open door, the bright red shoes mocking her.

“Well, ma chatte, I thought we would have a romp after we went out,” —Louis appeared in the doorway, looking at her legs— “but I see that you can’t wait for—” He cut himself off as his gaze tracked her body to her face. “Mon dieu, Rhonda, what happened now? You are so maladroit!”

Rhonda still had a long ways to go to be fluent in French, but that was a word she knew. Clumsy. “Louis,” she mumbled behind her wad of tissues, her eyes closed, “it’s the shoes you buy me. I just can’t walk in them.”

She heard him sigh. “I believe that’s what I just said, mon cher.”


Tyler laid the fish in the skillet one by one. “And why do you suppose that is?”

Ben crouched down, feeling a lurch in his stomach. “You’re right, I was afraid. My last relationship took me a long time to get over. I was… hurt.”

Tyler rose and picked up the kettle of fish innards, shaking his head. “Not more than you are now, I bet.”

Ben watched him walk the trail to the river as the fish sizzled in the skillet. Ben yelled after him. “You said you changed careers. What did you do before?”

Tyler turned back, smiling. “Counseling,” he yelled. “I helped poor saps like you.” He returned his attention to the trail. “I’ll send you my bill.”


After a moment, Weston spoke again. “You’re not going to tell me, are you?”

Rhonda shifted uncomfortably, moving her shoulder bag from her arm to her lap. “Why do you want to know? It’s not a particularly interesting story.”

He lifted his eyebrows. “Now that I do not believe. You have been nothing but interesting from the moment you nearly crashed on the ice this morning.” When she didn’t respond, he waved a hand in acceptance. “I am sorry. I do not mean to pry. I mean, who am I? We just met, and even though I saved your ass today —both on the ice and on the beach— I would not want it to be said that Weston Murdock was a snoop.”


When she was finished, she packed up her case and followed Ben to the gate. “So now’s the part where I go back home and wait for you to call the male veterinarian you interviewed yesterday, because a woman couldn’t possibly do this job.”

Ben spun with eyebrows raised. “Miss Gatlin, I never said—”

You didn’t have to. It’s been in your eyes since I walked into your office.” She gestured back to the barn. “Sure, I can stitch up a little goat nose, but what about when something a bit larger needs treatment? What then?”

Ben looked into her sea green eyes and smiled. “Okay, I admit, the thought has crossed my mind that you are a bit of a light weight, and—” Before Ben knew what hit him, Bonnie had dropped her case, grabbed his hand, twisted under his arm, and flipped him over her shoulder. He lay on his back in a snow drift, trying to regain his breath.

She stepped over his waist and looked down. “If you know what you are doing and have a rapport with the animals, you never need to use your muscles.” She smiled. “But I do have a few, just in case.”

Meet the Characters in Rocky Mountain Sunrise: Rhonda

Rhonda slipped an arm around her waist and stood looking out with her. She wore a pale pink, knee-length sheath and matching peep-toe pumps. Mari looked at her sideways. “What? No glib reassurances?”

Rhonda returned the look with eyebrows raised. “I don’t know this guy well enough for reassurances. For all I know, he won’t show.”

Mari turned her attention back out the window. “Thanks a lot, that helps.”

“With or without a groom, you are by far the prettiest bride I’ve ever seen.” She gave Mari’s waist a squeeze. “You didn’t mention that he was as dumb as a box of rocks, so I’m sure he’ll be here. This is just another exercise in faith.”

Mari turned away from the window. “I’ve exercised my faith more in the last week than the previous thirty-one years, but look at me now.” She held out a shaky hand.

Rhonda took it. “Remember to the last, that while there is life there is hope.”


Meet the Characters in Rocky Mountain Sunrise: Ben

Ben was singing Chanukah hymns with a light heart as he prepared latkes for their traditional Chanukah meal. As he grated the potatoes, he couldn’t keep from thinking about the pretty girl he had just met as he was leaving campus. With long, curly auburn hair past her shoulders and green eyes that flashed with irritation at her current car troubles, Ben had been captivated and more than happy to lend his assistance.

She had left an interior light on that had drained her car’s battery. Ben gave her car a jump and made sure he got her name before she left. ­Susie Minnet. Her name rolled around in his head as he pulled eggs out of the refrigerator and started breaking them into a bowl.

He remembered with satisfaction how she had lingered for a few minutes even after she had her car started, asking him about his jacket with the zoo logo on it. That jacket was far too lightweight for the sudden cold wind, but he would have stood out with her until he was frozen solid just to look into those eyes.




Meet the Characters in Rocky Mountain Sunrise: Eli


Eli hitched a brow as he slipped out of his black wool coat. “Were you expecting a tall man in a trench coat?”

Mari paused, knowing she was starting to sound like a crazy lady. “Kind of.” She gestured Eli on into the living room, and he headed for her love seat. Mari hesitated for a moment, remembering the time she and Eli had spent together on this very piece of furniture. She wasn’t sure they had been alone together in her house since they broke up. He looked perfectly relaxed, however, so she sat on the far end, which unfortunately didn’t put all that much space between them.

He tugged down on the placket of his emerald green shirt as he settled in and gave her a lop-sided smile. “Are you going to explain or just leave me guessing?”

Mari hooked a curl behind her ear. “Oh, it’s nothing. I’ve just been seeing this tall blond in a trench coat everywhere I go lately.” Her brows suddenly collided, her gaze slipping from his face. “But not in any of my classes today.” She looked back at him, confused. “He was in every one of my classes yesterday.”

Eli shifted and laid his arm along the back of the small sofa. “Maybe he was just visiting campus.” He grinned. “And following around one of the prettiest girls on campus.”

Mari blushed and tried not to feel uncomfortable with Eli’s remarks. Eli would always be a charmer. He couldn’t help himself.


Meet the Characters in Rocky Mountain Sunrise : Mari & Joe


She rolled onto her back. “Mari Rhodes,” she said with deliberation. She smiled, and her eyes sparkled. “I like it.”

Joe turned on his side, pulling his arm out from under her and propping up on an elbow. “Don’t tell me you haven’t tried it out before now.”

“Nope,” she answered without a pause, but her eyes were full of mischief.

“Is that right?” He ran a finger lightly up her side, and Mari shivered. “You know, I think I now have a pretty good mental map of all your ticklish spots.”

She squirmed as his fingertips pressed into the curve of her waist ever so slightly. “Joe, that’s not fair!”

He grinned. “All’s fair in love and war, sweetheart.”

She jumped and giggled as he dug his fingertips in a bit more. “That is actually a misquote.”

“Oh, really?” He started to walk his fingers up her rib cage.

She laughed and twisted away from him, but he caught her around the waist and hauled her against him. “You’d better set me straight. I wouldn’t want to go around misquoting somebody.”

“John Lyly,” she giggled, grabbing his hand. “Stop tickling me, and I’ll tell you the real quote.”

His hand stilled, and Mari took a breath. “The actual quote is, ‘The rules of fair play do not apply in love and war.'”

“Hmm, seems a bit wordy to me.”

“Well, wordy or not, that’s what Lyly wrote, and anyway, is tickling love or war?”

“Definitely love,” Joe growled behind her ear.

“Funny, it feels like war to me.”