From humble beginnings to the mountaintop

From the pasture to the glory of God.

Unimaginable beauty

Unimaginable wealth

To hear His voice

To know His heart.

Yes, I will follow.

Where else would I go?

What else could fill me?

What else could move me?

All else is rubble and trouble and toil.

I have the knowledge

I have the way

written by His finger

given by His hand

It will guide us

It will save us

My heart is full to bursting

with the mission

with the plan

with the life ahead

A life with Him

with us

A life that’s new.

What is that singing

from the valley below?

A celebration?

A revelry?

If only they saw Him

If only they knew Him

If only they felt His heart

There’d be no dancing down this dark path

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