A Tale Of Two Kitties (sample)

sample page 1sample page 26700037_origAutographed paperback

16 pages

Watercolor Illustrations


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What People Are Saying:

“The illustrations and story line of J. B. Stockings’ book will resonate with and amuse all readers who admire or have ever lived with a cat. Stockings affectionately recreates situations cat lovers will recognize: the feline “repurposing” of a kitchen towel, the hot-one-minute-forgotten-the-next attitude toward an appropriated item, the strong pull of both sleep and play, and, of course, the mandatory exploration of new, tinsel-trimmed items in the living room. And like all children’s books worth reading, Stockings’ is as much about human nature as it is about feline nature. What child hasn’t plotted to act under the radar of grown-ups–much as the two cats in the book discuss ways to break the rules of their “people” without drawing their attention? A young reader will learn from Stockings’ tale that breaking rules may lead to unpleasant consequences, but that, in the end, love comes even to the guiltiest of rule-breakers.”

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