The Cat In My Bathroom


I have a cat that lives in my bathroom.She doesn’t spend every minute there, but she definitely considers it her room.

She often comes to me when I’m working at my desk and claws on my leg.  If I get up, she will try to lead me to one of three places: the door to go out, Tristan’s bedroom door, to be let in, or to the bathroom.

She has always been a cat obsessed with water, so the bathroom does seem like a logical place to be her hangout. (She even leaped into the swimming pool once just to try it out.  She really didn’t like it very much—at least she’s never done it again.)

Leave a bit of water in a glass somewhere around the house and she will find it and spill it.  Even the small bowl of water we leave for her in the bathroom has to be set in the sink, because she will tip it over.  Apparently water is tastier after it has run all over the counter or floor.

In the last year or so, she started having trouble jumping up on the counter—kitty arthritis, I guess—so we have to lift her up when she wants a drink.  And it’s amazing how often she wants a drink.  I think she may also have kitty Alzheimer’s.

There is one other purpose for the bathroom in her little walnut brain—to get some love.

If I get up in the night, she meets me at the bathroom door.  (Is she just sitting in Tristan’s room, listening for me?)  She may want a drink before I leave, but what she really expects in the middle of the night is to be petted.

At that time, it’s just me and her in the quiet.  Me telling her how beautiful she is, and her telling me she knows.

There have been several times lately that she claws on my leg while I’m working at my desk, leads me to the bathroom, but doesn’t want a drink.  If I leave and go back to work, she will come and get me again.

Trying to pet her by my desk only makes her mad.  She is only happy if I sit down and pet her in the bathroom— in her space.  It seems she’s decided that she deserves some love in the middle of the day.  And she seems to know there are very few distractions in the bathroom—she gets my full attention.

As Christmas fast approaches, and really, all through the year, there are many activities to distract us from the One who deserves all our praise.  And just like my cat, He is calling us to come away to His throne room for a little one on one time.

And, yes, He’s listening and waiting.  He’ll meet you there.

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