4098106_origAt the end of 2012, I left northeast Kansas, where I lived since 1985, to relocate in Colorado Springs with my husband, Kevin, and several cats, leaving behind Kansas heat and humidity for the everyday view of Pikes Peak.

I have many creative hobbies and have worn the hat of an actress, seamstress, shop owner, and designer along with artist and author. Writing is my current passion, and I’ve been working on romance novels (no pun intended…okay, just a little).

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Interiors By Design

Vivacious interior designer, Amanda Billings, is plagued by nightmares but determined to press on as if her ex-boyfriend hadn’t turned her world completely upside down.

Ad man, Mick Thompson, believes Amanda is the one to make him forget the fiancée who dumped him and prompted his move to Kansas City from Napa Valley.

As Amanda begins to transform his depressing life right along with his sterile apartment, Mick is ready to jump on the relationship road with her, only to find out that the past is tagging along.

Interiors By Design contrasts manipulation and selfish obsession with true love and sacrifice. It is a story of two people’s struggle to escape past mistakes and move forward to make a new life together.

Oh, and there’s cats.

A review from Amazon: “I started this book thinking it would be a cute mending-broken-hearts love story. I was totally wrong! This book caught me off-guard and I loved it!!! The events played out like a movie in my head and I couldn’t put it down.”

Interiors By Design is available at Amazon, CreateSpace and Audible.

To read a sample, additional reviews, or to order your SIGNED copy, click HERE

And speaking of Audible… I am also narrating books (there’s that acting hat–see, Dad, my theatre degree isn’t a complete waste!). So if you or someone you know is thinking of making an audio version of their book, look me up and give a listen to my samples.

Horses, Adrenaline, and Love

When Sarah Palmer finds herself back in her little hometown of Loraine, Nebraska, with her young son, who was part of the town’s biggest scandal in its 125 year history, and a basement full of sculptures she couldn’t sell in Chicago, her only thought is how she can get out again fast. That is, until a certain dark-haired, equine veterinarian sweeps her off her feet.

Marty Scott can’t keep his mind off the short, little spit-fire with the tough exterior and a heart as soft as a kitten. Once he figures out the way past her defenses, he thinks it’s just a hop and a skip to the altar. That is, until a new scandal is born out of tragedy.

Sarah tends to run from her problems. Marty is a problem solver, who prides himself on his solutions, but sometimes even the best problem solver gets stymied. Sometimes the answer needs to come from a higher power.

A review from Amazon: “I couldn’t put this one down! The descriptive details, throughout, enable you to feel like you are a part of the story as it unfolds. The characters are so well developed, that they “speak” through the pages. Horses,  relationships… all run amuck; with surprising results! A MUST read!”

Horses, Adrenaline, and Love is available at Amazon, CreateSpace and Audible
To read a sample and additional reviews and to order your SIGNED copy, click HERE

Cinnamon Girl Explains It All

Cover of Cinnamon Girl Explains It All
Cinnamon Girl Explains It All

Four years after the tragic loss of her family, newspaper reporter C.G. Harrellson is still a splintered soul. Blaming herself, she denies herself any opinions save the syndicated opinion column she anonymously writes as a release valve: Cinnamon Girl Explains It All.

Even though Detective Wolf Hunter is in the midst of trying to track down a serial killer, he can’t help being intrigued by the strange, little reporter who has been assigned to meet with him weekly to write a crime report.

Despite C.G.’s initial fear of the brown eyes that remind her of her late husband and the tender touches that make her feel not just new love but old pain, Wolf patiently pulls her out of her numb, emotionless existence to start again.

Meanwhile, Wolf’s partner notices similarities between the Cinnamon Girl column and the murder scenes, sending Wolf in search of the elusive Cinnamon Girl, herself.

Little does he realize, she’s as close as a kiss.

A detective, a reporter, her best friend, a cheating husband, a serial killer, Bingo…

Cinnamon Girl Explains It All

A review from Amazon:  Very entertaining book, just when you think you have it figured out there is a twist! Lovable characters mixed with a hard to stop reading storyline made for an entertaining read till the very last word! Suspenseful and thought provoking book that I would definitely recommend to anyone who likes a good mystery or romance story!
Cinnamon Girl Explains It All is available at Amazon and CreateSpace and Audible
To read a sample and additional reviews or to order your autographed copy, click HERE

Rocky Mountain Angels

8995932_origWhen Mari Baker moves in next door, Benjamin Rhodes knows she’s the girl for him. Who cares if she’s ten years older than he is. She’s perfect.

When Mari Baker moves in next door, Eli Rhodes is captivated by her fiery spirit and brunette curls. Sure, she’s nothing like the singles bar hook-ups he usually entertains, but someone like her could make a man change his ways.

When Mari Baker moves in next door, Joe Rhodes is unofficially engaged to Beth Havland, so why is this little snippet of a woman getting under his skin? Yeah, she’s sweet and smart and shares his faith, but he and Beth have made plans. At least they’ve talked about making plans.

When Mari Baker moves to Colorado Springs, she’s looking for a fresh start–a new path. The first path she walks, however, is up the steps of the big Victorian house next door after she slips on the ice and throws her purse down the storm drain before she even has a chance to open the door of her new rental.

The Rhodes brothers become her rescuing angels that night, and the next path that forms is the one between their house and hers.

A review from Amazon: I have been anxiously waiting for the next novel by this author and I was not disappointed! The characters in this book are well developed and believable. From the first giggle on the first couple of pages to the anxious anticipation toward the end of the book I was entertained. I didn’t want to put the book down and tried to read it slowly but that didn’t work! This is a great story that I highly recommend.

Rocky Mountain Angels is available at Amazon , CreateSpace and Audible
To read a sample and additional reviews or to order your autographed copy, click HERE


Rocky Mountain Sunrise

front cover

Joe Rhodes had it alla sweet, beautiful fiancée, a successful construction business, and a three story home that he and his brothers had restored to its full Victorian splendor. Then the housing market collapsed, sending his business to the brink of bankruptcy, and he had to sell the house to save the business. At least he still has Mari.

Mari Baker is just a month away from marrying the man she calls her “dazzling Joe” when she repeatedly notices a tall, mysterious stranger watching her. Could he be a stalker? Suddenly she finds herself alone with the man, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Joe isn’t sure what to believe about the guy in the trench coat. Mari certainly isn’t making any sense about it all. How can she expect him to believe such a ridiculous story? Before, he would have said he trusted her implicitly, but now he isn’t sure. It‘s just too far-fetched. Maybe he has lost it all.

Mari knows she sounds crazy, but Joe just has to believe her. She can’t do this alone.

A review from Amazon: Wow! I did not see that coming! After reading the first book in this series, Rocky Mountain Angels, I was very happily following along In the romance of Mari and Joe as they plan their upcoming wedding, and the intriguing addition of a possible stalker in Mari’s life. I was expecting a sort of romance/ suspense theme but then the plot surprised me completely and headed in an entirely different direction. Without giving it away, I was fascinated by the idea of ordinary people being chosen to take part in the most unordinary event in human history! “What if it happened now?” Engaging and down to earth.

Rocky Mountain Sunrise is available at Amazon and CreateSpace

To read a sample page and additional reviews, or to order an autographed copy, click HERE

Rocky Mountain Redemption

RMR_Cover frontBen Rhodes was depressed. His ex-girlfriend had betrayed him, then skipped the country.

Rhonda Holloway spent a year trying to help him–a year falling in love with him.

Ben didn’t notice.

With the help of an anti-depressant, he wakes up to the possibilities, and as he reassesses everything she’s done for him, love blooms in his heart. But Rhonda is gone on a European book tour.

And comes home engaged.

Fear wins the day as love is denied. Truth is pushed aside for the sake of integrity. Hope goes in and out with the tides of time and the words of one small boy.

One very special boy.

A review from Amazon:  I LOVE this book! The characters are so believable that they feel like distant relatives. This was one of those “dinner and laundry can wait till I finish reading” sort of books that my family is happy when I have finished. As good as the love story is, I appreciate the spiritual questions it brings to mind even more. Such redemption! This book could stand alone, but is even better after the first two in the series.

Rocky Mountain Redemption is available at Amazon and CreateSpace

To read a sample and additional reviews or to order an autographed copy, click HERE


When the summit of Pikes Peak is beset with a summer storm, Lalita Torres thinks the embarrassment of trading her shorts and tank top for a touristy union suit to keep warm is the worst that could happen.

She was wrong.

A lightning strike sends her back a hundred and twenty-three years and into the care of Dr. Tate Cavanaugh.

Lalita thinks she’s in a reality TV show. Tate thinks she’s lost her mind.

Praise for JOLT:  It’s not often a book draws me in so quickly and completely that I forget to eat and sleep, but JOLT was riveting enough to keep me glued to my chair till well past 2AM so I could finish it.  I love the Colorado setting, the unique storyline, and the endearing characters.

JOLT is available at  Amazon

To read a sample and additional reviews or to order an autographed copy, click HERE



The Plan, The Purpose, and The Power


The Church looks ridiculous to unbelievers. I know I’m married to one.

They see a people loosely bound together by belief in God, but fighting about every other detail.

They see a people that professes a powerful God that seems to be completely impotent to answer even the smallest prayer.

They see leaders in the Church giving lip service to love, but there’s no action behind the words.

In short, they see Christians not the same as your average Joe, but worse than your average Joe. They see a people who are not honest with themselves or anybody else.

The Church sends missionaries to the far corners of the globe but can’t seem to reach the average Joes right under its nose. The Church as a whole the body of Christ has become lost and ineffective.

This didn’t just happen. The Church has had a target on its back ever since the second chapter of Acts.

Paul knew that the Church needed certain things if it was going to be able to stand against Satan’s schemes and be effective in reaching the world for Christ, and he outlined them in his letter to the Ephesians. It is God’s plan, purpose, and power for the Church.

A review from Amazon: This little book is full of power and does a great job of looking at Paul’s teaching in Ephesians with a studious eye and explanations that caused me to think and seek deeper understanding. I have read it once, but plan to re-read and study again. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in studying the Bible and drawing closer to God.

Ephesians: The Plan, The Purpose, and The Power is available on Amazon and CreateSpace

For an autographed copy, click HERE

Tristan design shot

The book covers for all my romance novels were designed by graphic designer Tristan Bowersox.
To see more of his designs, click HERE.

Rad as heck logo
To find infinity scarves made out of Tristan’s fabric designs, click HERE.
Click HERE for the designer fabrics, themselves. Spoonflower logo
I have also written a couple of children’s picture books

A Tale of Two Kitties


Diana, a little black cat, is bored. Cyrus, her older and wiser friend, tries to keep her out of trouble, but sometimes it’s hard to resist a bit of mischief.


Jodi  wrote and illustrated A Tale of Two Kitties, with publication in 2006, under the pen name, J.B. Stockings.

From a Writer’s Digest competition:“A nicely illustrated book, with appealingly drawn cats that manage to remain “cat like” while still being so humanly expressive. The story is nicely told, with realistically crafted, appealing cat characters. Their personalities are distinct and very cat-like, and each one has thoughts and behaviors that will ring true to kid readers. The language and imagery is lovely and there is humor as well. This is a beautifully written, wonderful book with a terrifically appealing story, one that should appeal to children and adults, especially ones who know and love cats.”
A Tale of Two Kitties is available at amazon.com and Trafford Publishing
For sample pages or to order a signed copy, click HERE.  
And now available on Audible!

The Stubborn Princess

7388249_origWhat happens when a princess tires of the upkeep of her long curls and stubbornly declares a hair care holiday? Anyone with curly hair knows the answer to that question–a disaster!

Mistaking her knotted hair for a nest, a large bird lays her eggs and sets into motion an unexpected turn of events as the princess is flown far away. Getting back home will require that she focus her stubborn streak in a new direction, and getting back to normal will require she truly see herself for what she has become.
The Stubborn Princess, published in 2012, was written by Jodi under the pen name of J.B. Stockings and illustrated by Tracy Bowersox.
A review from Amazon: “The Stubborn Princess by J.B. Stockings is the number one favorite book of our youngest Granddaughter, who is 2 1/2. The book is fun with creatively written rhyming words and the illustrations are great and go so well with the story line. It is one of those books also chosen to read by our other 3 Granddaughters, ranging in age from 6 to 11. The 6 year old can read it herself and the older two love the catchy rhymes and the illustrations. Even our 1 1/2 year old will stay on my lap for the whole story.”
The Stubborn Princess is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Tate Publishing.
For sample pages or to order a signed copy, click HERE.

J.B. Stockings is dedicated to funding a cure for cystic fibrosis and helping support those with the disease.
I do all kinds of artist and author events for all ages!
Find out more HERE

My husband is also an author.

He writes hilarious sci-fi adventures!

Tales of the Incorrigible: Flummox or Bust

5567151_origIt’s so far into the future that Oprah’s papacy is but a bizarre footnote in the history books. The invention of the Flitzdrive has shrunk the mind-numbing magnitude of the galaxy down to less than a year’s travel from edge to edge. Thousands of sentient races that once didn’t know each other existed now intermingle and irritate one another on a regular basis.

When the most notorious space pirate that ever lived disappeared for the final time, his ship was rumored to carry a plunder of legendary worth. So when the crew of the starship Incorrigible gain a clue to that ship’s location, it begins a star-spanning quest battling the forces of nature, time, space, and society to retrieve it.

EXPLORE! an eerie ghost planet overrun with rat-faced scab melons and purple lung pluckers!

EXPERIENCE! the scarred surface of Frag, crawling with creatures created with but one purpose: destruction!

MARVEL! at Vadnu, a planet consisting entirely of water from surface to core.

MOURN! within walking distance of Amphora, the fabled city in a can!

INTRUDE UPON! a naked old man who holds the key to the treasure of a lifetime.

It is all waiting for you aboard The Incorrigible.
A review from Amazon: Genious. Great book! The author thinks outside the box and keeps us wanting more. I can’t wait to see future publications from Mr. Bowersox.
Tales of The Incorrigible: Flummox or Bust is available at Amazon and CreateSpace.
To read a sample and order a signed copy, click HERE

6765750_origPet Portraits and Wild Things

“Baby Elephant” was the 2007 Best of Show winner at the KPR art show
held in Lawrence KS.
 View the rest of my gallery and commission your own painting from JB Watercolor

5061048_origTie Tops and Vests

Made entirely from men’s ties! These are seriously cool! 

Get yours today from JB Artistry on etsy

1849796_origCat’s Eye

A column written once upon a time for the Tonganoxie Mirror

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Misc. Writings
poetry and other reflections
(see tabs at the top of the page)
      It goes without saying, doesn’t it , that all the writing on this site is copyrighted by moi? Of course if you ask real nice and give my books a plug, I’ll probably let you use them : )


And now for my shameless plug for my husband and sons’ business, Quip Tracks. Quip Tracks are hilarious audio tracks that you play along with a not-so-hot movie. Tracks are available for Jurasic Park, Lady in the Water, Godzilla, Sky Captain and the World of Tommorow, Van Helsing, The Happening, Mission Impossible II, The Core, Signs, Gattaca, Hulk, The Forgotten, The Last Air Bender, Drazon Ball Z, The Legend of Chun Li, Ghost Rider, Abduction, Paycheck, The Covenant, and Lake House.
Start loving the movies you hate with Quip Tracks.

If you have read one of my books, bought a vest, watched a QuipTrack… PLEASE consider writing a review. Independent writers, riffers, narrators, and seamstresses don’t have big companies behind them giving them a wide distribution. We rely on YOU to spread the word! Thanks!

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