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The Church looks ridiculous to unbelievers. I know I’m married to one.

They see a people loosely bound together by belief in God, but fighting about every other detail.

They see a people that professes a powerful God that seems to be completely impotent to answer even the smallest prayer.

They see leaders in the Church giving lip service to love, but there’s no action behind the words.

In short, they see Christians not the same as your average Joe, but worse than your average Joe. They see a people who are not honest with themselves or anybody else.

The Church sends missionaries to the far corners of the globe but can’t seem to reach the average Joes right under its nose. The Church as a whole the body of Christ has become lost and ineffective.

This didn’t just happen. The Church has had a target on its back ever since the second chapter of Acts.

Paul knew that the Church needed certain things if it was going to be able to stand against Satan’s schemes and be effective in reaching the world for Christ, and he outlined them in his letter to the Ephesians. It is God’s plan, purpose, and power for the Church.

A review from Amazon: This little book is full of power and does a great job of looking at Paul’s teaching in Ephesians with a studious eye and explanations that caused me to think and seek deeper understanding. I have read it once, but plan to re-read and study again. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in studying the Bible and drawing closer to God.

Ephesians: The Plan, The Purpose, and The Power is available on Amazon and CreateSpace

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