2017 Book Recommendations

I read 21 novels through to the end this year, (and probably started another 30 that I didn’t make it past a few chapters) but can really only recommend 8. I obviously need someone to give ME good book recommendations for 2018!

The 8th spot is held by The Viscount’s Wallflower Bride, a book that I can only marginally give a thumbs up to, but I did give it 4 stars. It has interesting characters, but drags a bit in the middle.



At #7, A Midsummer Bride is a light-hearted romance. Again interesting characters, but also drug a bit. 4 stars



At #6, Divine is a wonderfully clean, yet tingly romance, but due to “plot stretching” and an overabundance of gooseberry history, I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.


#5, The Danger In Daring A Lady, is another 4 star book that was well-written with great characters. There were a few scenes, however, that were over the top, and therefore it lost a star in my opinion. Also, the cover and title couldn’t be less appropriate for this book. After reading it, they both seem completely nonsensical.


The Stranger She Married came in at #4. A twisty plot that kept me thinking about it even when I wasn’t reading took this book to 5 stars.

Holding the #3 position is a historical romance that is based on diary snippets and correspondence. Between Two Queens is interesting from a historical perspective and as a rich story with intriguing characters that grow over the course of the book. 5 stars


Page, my #2 pick, is another rare gem with broken characters that slowly grow and change. 5 stars


At #1, The Girl On The Train is far and away the best book I read this year. Intriguing, twisty, and full of flawed characters who you really don’t like, but want to find out about anyway. I read this one in a day. 5 stars

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